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The Protein Baker

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Brownie Tray Bake

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Brownie Tray Bake

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It took the protein baker countless bakes to perfect these; indulgent, double chocolate Hazelnut, protein brownie tray bake. Made with oat flour and almond milk we have made a sweet treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty after, with 9 grams of protein this is the perfect treat for anyone living an active lifestyle.

191mm x 127mm x 25mm

Use by: 5 days after delivery.

Can be frozen for up to 2 months.


Please Email: for our ingredients.

Allergen information

Contains: Egg, Oats, Dairy products, Almond milk, hazelnuts 

Although every effort is made to avoid cross contamination all our products are baked in a kitchen containing all major allergens.

Macros per tray bake 

Calories, 680kcal    TotalFat, 36g  Carbohydrates, 60g Sugars, 32g   Protein, 40g     Sodium, 120mg      Fiber, 8g                                

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